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OKDHS:2-1-12. Probationary and unclassified employees

Revised 6-15-11

 (a) Purpose.  Probationary and unclassified employees are employees at-will and may be discharged by a chief officer, division director, or designee without cause at any time.  Progressive discipline is not generally afforded a probationary employee and disciplinary issues are normally addressed in evaluation of the employee's performance.  Other disciplinary actions, including oral reprimand, written reprimand, and suspension without pay, may be taken against probationary or unclassified employees at the discretion of the local administrator.  Citation or use of the procedures in OKDHS:2-1-7 through OKDHS:2-1-11 is not used in administering discipline to a probationary or unclassified employee.  This Section contains the only provisions that apply to probationary or unclassified employees.

(b) Notice of discharge.  Probationary and unclassified employees are terminated by delivery of a written notice informing the employee that he or she is discharged and the effective date.  The notice of discharge is made by personal service or certified mail, restricted delivery.  The notice includes:

  • (1) the employee's name, title, job family descriptor, pay band, user identification (ID) number, PeopleSoft number, and division;

  • (2) a notice of the employee's right to grieve the discharge in accordance with the grievance regulations; and

  • (3) the effective date of discharge.

(c) Distribution.  The local administrator provides a copy of the Notice of Discharge to the:

  • (1) employee;

  • (2) Legal Division;

  • (3) corrective discipline manager;

  • (4) Human Resources Management Division (HRMD) personnel file; and

  • (5) Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Finance Division, Payroll Unit.

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