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Library: Policy

340:50-11-106. Processing the applications

Issued 2-12-92

     Upon receipt of applications from the SSA, the County Office is responsible for prescreening the applications for entitlement to expedited service. All SSI applicants entitled to expedited service are certified in accordance with Part 1 of this Subchapter except that the processing time standard begins the date the application is received in the county office. Applications not entitled to expedited service must be processed and the household given an opportunity to participate within 30 days from the date the application was received by the SSA.

  • (1) In processing the application, information supplied by the SSA is to be used. The worker may not contact the household and request them to provide additional information or verification unless the application is improperly completed, mandatory verification is missing or the worker determines that certain information on the application is questionable.
  • (2) When additional information or verification is necessary, the worker makes a home visit to obtain the additional information or verification. In no event may the applicant be required to come to the county office to finalize the eligibility determination.
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