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Library: Policy

340:25-5-68. Procedure for requesting case information from CSED

Revised 7-1-03

     Any person requesting case information must specify the information needed and for what purpose the information is being requested. A parent or custodian requesting disclosure of address of record must comply with Section 112A of Title 43 of the Oklahoma Statutes and OAC 340:25-5-340.1. The person must verify his or her identity.  • 1   Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED) determines:

(1) if the person requesting the case information is authorized to receive it under OAC 340:25-5-67;

(2) if the requested information may be released; and

(3) the appropriate method of release.  • 2

  1. Child support staff may require photo identification or identifying information, such as Social Security number, child(ren)'s name(s) or date(s) of birth, or other identifying information, to verify the identity of the person making the request.

  1. Child support staff review documents and information and remove information not subject to release before sharing.

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