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340:2-28-57. Certification of copies of administrative orders

Issued 9-15-17

(a) An administrative order or other document filed within the administrative court record may be certified as a true and correct copy of the original, whether the original is in paper, electronic, or digital format by:

(1) the physical or electronic application of language to each copy, which states, in effect, that the copy to be certified is a true and correct copy of the original as it appears in the record of the administrative court; and

(2) an administrative law judge (ALJ) or a clerk of the administrative court completes the certification by means of the respective physical or electronic/digital signature and date; and

(3) the application of the administrative court seal by the clerk of the administrative court, an ALJ, or other individual as directed by an ALJ.

(b) In the alternative, an administrative order, that bears an ALJ’s electronic/digital signature, is deemed certified.

(c) The use of electronic/digital signatures is authorized per Section 237.9a of Title 56 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

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