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340:2-1-77. Vacancy posting procedures

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Classified service vacancy announcements.  All vacant positions in the classified service are posted per the rules in this Section prior to the filling of such vacancies except as provided in Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:2-1-76.  • 1

(b) Unclassified service vacancy announcements.  Announcements in the unclassified service may be posted for application.  The Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Director or designee may waive the vacancy posting provisions of this rule for positions in the unclassified service.  The process outlined in this Section may be used or, at the discretion of the appointing authority, applications may be solicited through other recruiting methods. • 2

(c) Notification of cancellation.  A vacancy posting may be canceled at any time.  When the cancellation occurs, Human Resource Management notifies all applicants.

Revised 9-17-18

1Refer to Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS):2-1-96 for additional information regarding filling vacancies.Human Resource Management (HRM) maintains an announcement file for each position announced.The local administrator or the selecting official also maintains a local file for each position announced for that unit.The announcement file must be retained for two years.When legal action involving the announcement is commenced, these documents must be retained for two years after the exhaustion of all legal remedies.

2Each vacancy posting is listed on the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Human Capital Management (HCM) website.Each vacancy posting must include:

(1) the vacancy announcement number;

(2) the specific unit location;

(3) the time limits for filing an application;

(4) the official HCM job family descriptor (JFD) and code, whether the position is classified or unclassified, and if the position may be filled at an alternate hiring level;

(5) the salary and pay differential, when applicable;

(6) a brief description of the position's essential and marginal functions and;

(7) any required or preferred job-related, non-discriminatory special factor(s) or consideration(s) that may be taken into consideration in making the selection decision.

(A) Examples of required special factors or considerations are when:

(i) a probationary or trial period is required;

(ii) extensive travel is required;

(iii) the position requires 24-hour on-call duty; and

(iv) selective qualifications are specified for the position.Selective qualifications for the position are approved by HCM when an E-list is utilized.HRM has approval authority when an eList is not used.

(B) Examples of preferred special factors or considerations are:

(i) program experience for professional, supervisory, or administrative positions in a specific program area;

(ii) education, experience, or certifications necessary for compliance with federal or state regulations; or

(iii) accreditation standards; and

(8) a statement regarding eligibility for consideration, such as if recruiting is restricted to DHS employees or external applicants may be considered;

3When a position was previously posted for announcement and not filled and contained an HCM-approved selective qualification, any changes in selective qualification must be approved by HCM prior to reposting the vacant position.

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