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Library: Policy

340:2-1-76. Appointments and changes in employee classification not subject to vacancy posting provisions

Revised 9-15-20

     The local administrator submits a request to Human Resource Management (HRM) to announce personnel vacancies.Appointments and changes in employee job family descriptor (JFD) and level or position not subject to the vacancy notice posting provisions are:

(1) temporary appointments;

(2) detail to special duty or other temporary assignments that do not affect an employee's base JFD and level or classification;

(3) intra-agency lateral transfer of a permanent employee from one position to another position in the same JFD and level or another JFD in the same pay band;

(4) voluntary and involuntary demotion to a vacant position;

(5) direct reclassification made when a new JFD is adopted that better describes an incumbent's job;

(6) position reallocation;

(7) career progression promotions;

(8) positions limited to the prescribed length of time of the course of training or extension study;

(9) positions where the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) has elected to establish separate policies or to test pilot rules within specific organizational units, and where such policies are publicized prior to implementation;

(10) positions converted from the classified to the unclassified service, or from the unclassified to the classified service by appointment, reinstatement, or position reallocation of an incumbent per Merit System of Personnel Administration Rules (Merit Rules) and DHS policy;

(11) transfer of an employee, position, or both, from one work organization to another; and

(12) positions in the unclassified service.The DHS Director or designee may waive the vacancy posting provisions of this policy for positions in the unclassified service.

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