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Library: Policy

340:2-1-88. Alternate hiring levels

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Alternate hiring levels are authorized by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Human Capital Management Division into a job family where there are basic, entry, for full performance jobs, or where Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) experiences recruiting difficulties for a specific job family descriptor and level.  • 1

(b) Hiring at the alternate hiring level may be a result of a position reallocation decision, vacancy announcement, or actions exempt from the announcement process.  Position reallocation alternate hiring level is authorized if the position incumbent is ineligible for reclassification due to qualifications, status, examination, or if the employee is in a trainee status and has not completed a prescribed training program and is performing duties below the full performance level. • 2 

(c) Employees hired at an alternate hiring level may progress to the next level upon completion of probation, if applicable, and upon meeting minimum education, experience, and licensure requirements.

Revised 9-17-18

1The administrator recommending the alternate hiring level of a position by an employee in a lower class than the position is allocated to is responsible for ensuring:

(1) the action is accompanied by a corresponding modification in the duties and responsibilities of the position;

(2) duties assigned to the employee are consistent with the class specification for the alternate hiring level; and

(3) a request to establish career progression alternate hiring level within a job family descriptor is submitted in writing to Human Resource Management.

2The immediate supervisor advises the employee of the conditions of the career progression alternate hiring level assignment.

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