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Library: Policy

340:2-1-32. Salary Administration Plan and Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Compensation Guidelines (OKDHSCG)

Revised 9-15-21

Salary Administration Plan (SAP).  The SAP is based on the standard that employees performing similar work receive similar pay and that variation in the requirements is reflected equitably in the pay band. 

(1) Computation of salary payments.  OKDHS employees are paid per applicable salary schedules. 

(2) Salary.  The salary for positions in the classified service is the salary identified in the SAP, except as provided in Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 260:25-7-1 through 260:25-7-27.  The salary for positions in the unclassified service is normally a comparable salary.  Requests to establish salary above the established hiring rate may be processed per the special entrance rate or salary exception request process as described in the OKDHSCG.  The salary of a new employee is effective on the employee's first working day.