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Library: Policy

340:100-6-44. Housekeeping and environment

Revised 5-11-07

     Each group home and its yard must be clean, well-maintained, safe, free from hazards, and adapted to meet the needs of all service recipients.

  • (1) Surroundings must be kept clean and neat and free from accumulated rubbish, weeds, ponded water, refuse, discarded furniture, old newspaper, or other items of a similar nature that may create a health hazard.
  • (2) The group home provider employs effective methods to prevent the entrance and harborage of insects, spiders, and rodents.
  • (3) All garbage must be properly stored and safely disposed of in accordance with local ordinance.
    • (A) Trash cans in service recipient areas must be kept clean.
    • (B) Outdoor garbage waste containers must be covered and insect and rodent resistant.
    • (C) Outside storage of garbage in plastic bags is prohibited.
    • (D) Sanitary garbage disposal must be provided.
  • (4) Sanitary sewage disposal must be provided in accordance with Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) rules.
  • (5) The interior of the group home must be safe, clean, and free of hazards.
    • (A) The home must be free from offensive odors, accumulation of dirt, rubbish, dust, and safety hazards.
    • (B) Floors and floor coverings must be clean and in good condition.  Floor polishes must provide for a non-slip finish.
    • (C) Walls and ceilings must be in good condition and cleaned regularly.  All group homes must have walls capable of being cleaned.
    • (D) Deodorizers must not be used to cover up odors caused by unsanitary conditions or poor housekeeping practices.
    • (E) Combustibles, such as cleaning rags and compounds, must be kept in closed metal containers in areas away from living areas.
    • (F) No items can be stored in the hot water heater closet or furnace closet.
    • (G) General laundry must be placed in linen hampers or carts.
    • (H) Linens or clothing soiled with human body fluids must be placed in bags or nonporous containers with lids tightly closed.
  • (6) The group home must have:
    • (A) a kitchen and equipment to store, prepare, and serve food in a sanitary manner;
    • (B) utility service and adequate heating, cooling, and plumbing;
    • (C) lighting that is adequate for the service recipient's activities in each room;
    • (D) safe water supply in accordance with OSDH rules; and
    • (E) temperature extremes not less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit nor more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit for all areas occupied by service recipients.
  • (7) Each service recipient's bedroom must have at least one electrical outlet.
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