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Library: Policy

340:100-6-86. Notice of involuntary transfer or discharge

Revised 5-11-07

(a) Involuntary transfer or discharge of a service recipient from a group home must be preceded by a minimum written notice of 30 calendar days.  The notice must inform the service recipient and service recipient's legal guardian or advocate:

  • (1) of the right to request an administrative inquiry in accordance with OAC 340:100‑3-27.1 if the service recipient is aggrieved by the decision; and
  • (2) how such a request is made.

(b) The 30-day requirement does not apply when:

  • (1) an emergency transfer or discharge is:
    • (A) mandated by the  service recipient's health care needs; and
    • (B) in accordance with the written orders and medical justification of the attending physician; and
  • (2) the transfer or discharge is necessary due to imminent risk to the lives or health of other residents as documented in the  service recipient's record.
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