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Library: Policy

340:100-3-28. Volunteer services

Revised 5-15-08

(a) Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) volunteer service programs link service recipients to volunteers who can provide a needed service. 

(b) In addition to requirements per OAC  340:2-35, the volunteer and DDSD volunteer services staff must meet requirements in (1) and (2).

  • (1) The volunteer:

    • (A) completes Form 22VL005E (.doc, 3pp, 206KB), Application for Volunteer Service, and submits to the local DDSD volunteer services office;

    • (B) attends any required on-the-job training prior to assignment of volunteer duties;

    • (C) submits completed Form 22VL003E, Volunteer Agreement, to the local DDSD volunteer services office;

    • (D) maintains record of contacts using Form 22VL004E, Volunteer Report of Contact, and submits completed Form 22VL004E to the local DDSD volunteer services unit on a monthly basis; and

    • (E) must not be listed in the Community Services Worker Registry (Registry) per OAC 340:100-3-39.

  • (2) The DDSD volunteer services staff:

    • (A) mails Form 22VL007E, Volunteer Reference Letter, to three references listed on Form 22VL005E (.doc, 3pp, 206KB).  The returned reference letters must be on file in the DDSD volunteer office prior to assigning a volunteer duties;

    • (B) interviews the volunteer prior to and at the end of the job assignment and records data on Form 22VL009E, Volunteer Interview Report;

    • (C) sends original Form 04AD003E (.doc, 1 pp, 588 KB), Request for Background Check, to DDSD State Office coordinator of volunteer services who completes:

      • (i) Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (ODPS) search;

      • (ii) Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) criminal search;

      • (iii) Registry search per OAC 340:100-3-39; and

      • (iv) notification to the local volunteer services staff when all searches are completed satisfactorily;

    • (D) provides job-specific training for volunteers and presents an overview of Oklahoma Department of Human Services and DDSD.  Orientation and training are documented in each volunteer's file;

    • (E) submits Form 22VL006E , Volunteer Quarterly Report, to the DDSD State Office coordinator of volunteer services on a quarterly basis; and

    • (F) forms an advisory council of persons dedicated to volunteerism and Oklahomans with developmental disabilities.  The advisory council assists volunteer services staff with program functions, fund-raising, or other identified needs.

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