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Library: Policy

340:100-3-30. News media relations

Issued 5-18-92

     DDSD, in accordance with DHS policy, maintains an "open door" policy toward the news media.

  • (1) DDSD is authorized to seek publicity for it's programs, successes, activities, to recruit volunteers or request free public service announcements. Coordination of such activities for the division shall be handled in the State Office by the Division Director of Community Relations.
  • (2) Limitations on access to client information required by DHS rules is honored by DDSD staff and Administrators.
  • (3) DDSD staff at all times protect the privacy of recipients of services. At no time is information about an individual recipient released unless prior written permission is given by the client, family member, or guardian, when appropriate.
  • (4) Prior to release of information to the media, DDSD staff obtain client's/legal representative's permission by completion of Form Adm-13 (new form number 16AD013E), Permission for Release of Information To News Media. Clients in DHS custody are of special sensitivity and information release or photographs is handled in accordance with DHS rules.
  • (5) Information related to employees of the division is released in accordance with DHS rules.
  • (6) When news media representatives contact DDSD facilities, area offices or State Office, staff members are to be courteous and as helpful as possible and respond in accordance with DHS rules. The best qualified, knowledgeable available person shall respond to the inquiry.
  • (7) Contacts from the media are to be reported to appropriate supervisory/administrative personnel.
  • (8) When inquiries involve matters likely to result in major news media coverage, notification is made to the DDSD Administrator as well as the Public Information Office by telephone or electronic mailbox.
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