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Library: Policy

340:100-3-36. Emergency first aid for employees and visitors

Issued 6-11-06

     Emergency first aid procedures are employed to assist employees or visitors involved in an accident or injury on the grounds of a Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) program or office.  • 1

  • (1) The employee or visitor seeks treatment at a community health facility for an injury of a non-serious nature.
  • (2) For a serious but non-life threatening injury, the employee or visitor is made comfortable at the site of the incident, and an ambulance called immediately.
  • (3) For an emergency medical situation in which it is judged that the employee or visitor's life is endangered, an ambulance is called immediately, and the facility's medical or first aid personnel are called as a source of volunteer medical emergency help until the person can be transported to a community health facility.
  • (4) The injured employee's or visitor's immediate family is notified in the case of a serious or life threatening situation.
  • (5) When an injury occurs on OKDHS property, an incident report is completed and the injury is reported in accordance with OAC 340:2-15-5.

1.         When an employee sustains a work related injury, refer to DHS:2-15-1.1.

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