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Library: Policy

340:100-3-27.4. Developmental Disabilities Services Division Quality Assurance reports

Issued 7-1-12

 Reports generated by Quality Assurance (QA) discovery activities are distributed as described in this subsection.

  • (1) Reports of performance surveys and administrative inquiries are provided to the administrator of the provider agency surveyed, are stored electronically, and made accessible to:

    • (A) Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) staff;

    • (B) Oklahoma Health Care Authority;

    • (C) Office of Inspector General; and

    • (D) appropriate Office of Client Advocacy staff.

  • (2) Performance survey reports with personal identifying information removed are available to interested citizens upon request.

  • (3) Reports of administrative inquiries are not released.

  • (4) Unless otherwise authorized by the individual or the legal guardian, Oklahoma - Advocates Involved in Monitoring (OK-AIM) reports and case manager reports are available only to:

    • (A) the referenced individual(s) served;

    • (B) the individual's legal guardian;

    • (C) agencies providing supports;

    • (D) the relevant DDSD area manager;

    • (E) the DDSD Quality Assurance administrator; and

    • (F) other relevant DDSD personnel.

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