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Library: Policy

340:100-15-7. Specialized services

Issued 6-21-94

(a) Each individual will have a unique prescriptive plan of specialized services that is based upon professional assessments. The plan addresses identified needs and enhancement of independence. Assessments must address self-care skills, communication skills, motor and mobility skills, and educational and recreational/leisure skills. The plan includes the following elements:

  • (1) Behavioral objectives stated in measurable terms directed at skill acquisition;
  • (2) Identification of additional services and supports necessary for skill acquisition to occur such as:
    • (A) Adaptive, corrective, orthotic, mobility, and other types of equipment and devices;
    • (B) Specific nursing care plan objectives relative to significant medical condition;
    • (C) Identification of persons responsible for service needs external to the facility such as vocational services, counseling, etc.;
  • (3) Specific methods, strategies, or steps relative to the behavioral objectives to ensure consistency of training;
  • (4) Identification of persons responsible for training, obtaining and maintaining equipment, and providing health related services; and
  • (5) Methods of data collection.

(b) The plan must be monitored by a designated nursing facility staff member on a monthly basis to ensure that training of behavioral objectives is occurring in a consistent manner and progress is being shown, necessary equipment is available and in good repair, all significant health issues are being addressed, and necessary modifications to the plan occur as needed.

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