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340:1-11-50. Review by the Request Review Committe (RRC)

Revised 9-15-16

(a) The RRC reviews:

(1) requests that exceed the 30-calendar day time frame after the case is opened by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and referred by OCR or the deputy director, division or program director, or designee division administrator; and

(2) appeals of decisions of the local Americans With Disabilities Act coordinator, deputy director, division or program director, or designee.

(b) The RRC prepares a written response to the accommodation request within10-business days following the meeting held to review the request.

(c) The RRC consists of representatives from each of the following:

(1) Support Services;

(2) Adult and Family Services;

(3) Human Resources Management (HRM);

(4) Child Welfare Services;

(5) Support Services Architecture and Engineering; and

(6) Developmental Disabilities Services.

(d) In addition, three Oklahoma Department of Human Services employees with disabilities serve as members. Ex-officio representatives are called upon from Legal Services and Human Resources Management Risk and Safety Management. The OCR administrator or designee is a non-voting RRC member, with administrative responsibilities.

(e) Written requests for review or appeal, along with the appropriate documentation, are sent to:Request Review Committee, Office for Civil Rights, PO Box 25352, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125.

(f) The RRC meets monthly or as necessary to review accommodations or appeal requests.The OCR administrator convenes the RRC when a request or appeal is received.

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