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Library: Policy

317:55-5-30 Managed care quality advisory committee

Issued 12-21-21

(a) The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OHCA will establish and appoint members to the MC Quality Advisory Committee (Committee). Committee members serve without compensation and at the pleasure of the CEO. The Committee will consist of:

(1) Participating providers as a majority of the Committee members;

(2) Representatives of hospitals and health systems;

(3) Members of the health care community; and

(4) Members of the academic community with an expertise in health care or other applicable field.

(b) The primary power and duty of the Committee is set forth at 56 O.S. ' 4002.13.

(c) Committee meetings will be subject to the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.

(d) The Committee will select from among its membership a chair and vice chair.

(e) The Committee may meet as often as may be required in order to perform the duties imposed on it.

(f) A quorum of the Committee will be required to approve any final action of the Committee. A majority of the members of the Committee will constitute a quorum.

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