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Library: Policy

317:45-9-1.1. Certification of newborn child deemed eligible

Issued 9-14-20

(a) A newborn child is deemed eligible on the date of birth for SoonerCare benefits when the child is born to a member of Insure Oklahoma Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI) and the annual gross household income does not exceed SoonerCare requirements.The newborn child is deemed eligible for SoonerCare benefits through the last day of the month the child attains the age of one (1) year.

(b) The newborn child's SoonerCare eligibility is not dependent on the mother's continued eligibility in Insure Oklahoma ESI.The child's SoonerCare eligibility is based on the original eligibility determination of the mother for Insure Oklahoma ESI and consideration is not given to any income or resource changes that occur during the deemed eligibility period.

(c) The newborn child's certification period for SoonerCare is shortened only in the event the child:

(1) Loses Oklahoma residence; or

(2) Expires.

(d) No other conditions of eligibility are applicable, including social security number enumeration and citizenship and identity verification.However, it is recommended that social security number enumeration be completed as soon as possible after the child's birth.

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