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317:35-5-41.11. Maximum resources

Issued 8-1-07

         Maximum resources is a term used to designate the largest amount which a member can have in one or more nonexempt resources, and still be considered to be in need.  A member's resources may be held in any form or combination of forms.  If the resources of the applicant or member exceed the maximums listed on OKDHS Appendix C-1, he/she is not eligible.

  • (1) For each minor blind or disabled child up to the age of 18 living with parent(s) whose needs are not included in a TANF grant, or receiving SSI and/or SSP, the resource limit is the same as the individual limit as shown on OKDHS Appendix C-1.  • 1 If the parent's resources exceed the maximum amount, the excess is deemed available to the child (resources of an ineligible child are not deemed to an eligible child).  If there is more than one eligible child, the amount is prorated.

  • (2) If the minor blind or disabled child:

    • (A) is residing in a nursing facility, or a medical facility if the confinement lasts or is expected to last for 30 days, the parent(s)' resources are not deemed to the child; or

    • (B) under age 19 is eligible for TEFRA, the parent's(s') resources are not deemed to the child.

  • (3) Premature infants (i.e., 37 weeks or less) whose birth weight is less than 1200 grams (approximately 2 pounds 10 ounces) will be considered disabled by SSA even if no other medical impairment(s) exist.  In this event, the parents' resources are not deemed to the child until the month following the month in which the child leaves the hospital and begins living with his/her parents.

  • (4) When both parents are in the home and one parent is included in an aged, blind or disabled case and the spouse is included in an TANF case with the children, the resources of both parents are evaluated in relation to eligibility for SSI and therefore not considered on the AFDC case.  All resources of the parents would be shown on the aged, blind or disabled case.


1.If the parents' resources exceeds the amount on OKDHS Form 08AX001E (Appendix C-1), Schedule VI or Schedule VIII. D. (whichever is applicable), the amount over the standard is counted toward the disabled child's resources standard.

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