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317:35-17-9. General financial eligibility requirements for the ADvantage program

Revised 8-1-07

      Financial eligibility for ADvantage services is determined using the rules on income and resources according to the category to which the individual is related. (See OAC 317:35-7-36 for categorically related to ABD.) Only individuals who are categorically related to ABD may be served through the ADvantage waiver.

(1) Income, resources and expenses are evaluated on a monthly basis for all individuals requesting payment for the ADvantage program.

(2) To be eligible for long-term care in the ADvantage program, the individual must be determined categorically needy according to the Appendix C-1, Schedule VIII,B, (.pdf, 8 pp, 147 KB). If the individual's gross income exceeds this standard, see OAC 317:35-5-41.6(a)(6)(B).

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