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Library: Policy

317:35-17-5. ADvantage program medical eligibility determination

Revised 9-12-22

        The Oklahoma of Human Services OKDHS area nurse or nurse designee, makes the medical eligibility determination utilizing professional judgment, the Uniform Comprehensive Assessment Tool (UCAT), and any other available medical information.

(1) When ADvantage care services are requested or the application is received, the:

(A) OKDHS nurse completes the UCAT; and

(B) Social services specialist (SSS) contacts the applicant within three (3) business days to initiate the financial eligibility application process.

(2) Categorical relationship is established for ADvantage services eligibility determination. When a member's categorical relationship to a disability is not established, the local SSS submits the same information, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:35-5-4(2) to the Level of Care Evaluation Unit (LOCEU) of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to request a medical categorical relationship eligibility determination. LOCEU decides on the categorical relationship to the disability using the Social Security Administration (SSA) definition. An SSS follow-up with SSA is required to ensure the disability decision agrees with the LOCEU decision.

(3) Community agencies and waiver service applicants may complete the application and forward to OKDHS.

(4) When an applicant is Medicaid eligible at the request time, an OKDHS nurse completes the UCAT assessment with the applicant within ten (10) business days of referral receipt for ADvantage services. The OKDHS nurse completes the UCAT assessment within twenty (20) business days of the date the Medicaid application is completed for new applicants.

(5) For initial level of care (LOC), the OKDHS nurse assesses the applicant through an electronic format such as phone or video conference, using the UCAT unless there are limiting factors which necessitate a face-to-face assessment.

(A) The OKDHS nurse determines LOC based upon the assessment outcome unless the applicant is medically ineligible. In this case, a face-to-face visit is scheduled to either validate the initial electronic format assessment or to provide additional documentation to support the applicant meeting medical LOC.

(B) Applicants are not denied access to the waiver solely based on an assessment completed through an electronic format.

(6) During the UCAT assessment, the OKDHS nurse informs the applicant of medical eligibility criteria and provides information about the different long-term care service options. The OKDHS nurse documents whether the applicant chooses nursing facility program services or ADvantage program services and makes an LOC and service program recommendation.

(7) The OKDHS nurse informs the applicant and family of agencies certified to deliver ADvantage case management and in-home care services in the local area to obtain the applicant's primary and secondary informed provider choice, ensuring adherence to conflict free case management requirements.

(A) ADvantage providers, or those who have an interest in or are employed by an ADvantage provider, do not provide case management or develop the person-centered service plan. The only exception is when the ADvantage Administration demonstrates there are no more than two (2) willing and qualified entities to provide case management and develop person-centered service plans in a geographic area, and those agencies also provide other ADvantage services.

(B) When the applicant or family declines to make a provider choice, the OKDHS nurse documents the decision on the consents and rights document.

(C) OKDHS uses a rotating system to select agencies for the applicant from a list of all local, certified case management and in-home care providers, ensuring adherence to conflict free case management requirements.

(8) The OKDHS nurse documents chosen agency names, or the choice to decline to select agencies, and the applicant's agreement to receive waiver services.

(9) When the applicant's  needs require an immediate interdisciplinary team (IDT) meeting with the case manager and home care provider agency nurse participation to develop a person-centered service plan, the OKDHS nurse documents the priority processing need.

(10) The OKDHS nurse forwards the completed UCAT to the area nurse or nurse designee for medical eligibility determination.

(11) When the OKDHS nurse determines the UCAT assessment indicates the member health and safety are at risk, OKDHS Adult Protective Services staff is notified immediately and the referral is documented on the UCAT.

(12) Within ten (10) business days of receipt of a complete ADvantage application, the area nurse or nurse designee determines medical eligibility using nursing facility LOC criteria and service eligibility criteria, per OAC 317:35-17-2 and 317:35-17-3, and enters the medical decision on the system.

(13) Upon SSS financial eligibility notification and medical eligibility approval for ADvantage entry from the area nurse or nurse designee, AA communicates with the case management provider to begin care and service plan development. AA provides the member's demographic and assessment information, and the number of case management and home care nurse evaluation units authorized for service plan development. When the member requires an immediate home visit to develop a person-centered plan, AA contacts the case management provider directly to confirm availability and request IDT priority.

(14) When a member is being discharged from a nursing facility or hospital and transferred home, services are in place to ensure the member's health and safety. The member's chosen case manager follows the ADvantage institutional transition case management procedures for care, and service plan development and implementation.

(15) A new medical LOC determination is required when a member requests any change in service setting, from:

(A) State Plan Personal Care (SPPC) services to ADvantage services;

(B) ADvantage to SPPC services;

(C) Nursing facility to ADvantage services; or

(D) ADvantage to nursing facility services.

(16) A new medical LOC determination is not required when a member requests ADvantage services re-activation after staying ninety (90) calendar days or less in a nursing facility when the member had previous ADvantage services and the ADvantage certification period has not expired by the date the member is discharged.

(17) When a UCAT assessment is completed more than ninety (90) calendar days prior to submission to the area nurse or nurse designee for a medical decision, a new assessment is required.

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