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317:30-5-132. Cost reports

Revised 9-14-20

Each Medicaid-participating long-term care facility is required to submit an annual uniform cost report, designed by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), for the state fiscal year just completed. The state fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. The reports must be submitted to the OHCA on or before October 31st following the end of the state fiscal year just completed.

(1) The report must be prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles and the accrual basis of accounting, except as otherwise specified in the cost report instructions. The OHCA's cost report instructions are publicly available on the OHCA's website (, in the Nursing Home Cost Report Instruction Manual: A Guide for Entering Annual Nursing Home Cost Report Data via the OHCA Secure Site (hereinafter referred to as "Cost Report Instruction Manual").

(2) The cost report must be filed using the Secure Website, as set forth in the Cost Report Instruction Manual.

(3) When there is a change of operation or ownership, the selling or closing ownership is required to file a cost report for that portion of the fiscal year it was in operation. The successor ownership is correspondingly required to file a cost report for that portion of the fiscal year it was in operation. These "Partial Year Reports" must be filed on paper or electronically by e-mail (not on the Secure Website system) to the Finance Division of the OHCA on the forms and by the instructions found in the Cost Report Instruction Manual.

(4) A long-term care facility may request an extension of time to submit an annual cost report, not to exceed fifteen (15) calendar days. Extensions of time shall be requested by a letter addressed to the Finance Division or by email, as is set forth in the Cost Report Instruction Manual. Any such request must be received by October 31, and must explain the good faith reason for the extension. OHCA shall provide a written notice of any denial of a request for an extension, which shall become effective on the date it is sent to the long-term care facility. Decisions to deny requests for extensions are solely within the discretion of the OHCA and are not administratively appealable.

(5) All reports may be subject to on-site audits. An on-site audit may result in cost adjustment(s), by which the OHCA, or its designee, identifies and corrects for costs that were included in the cost report. The OHCA or its designee shall provide written notice of any cost adjustment(s) it makes to a cost report, to the long-term care facility affected by the cost adjustment(s). Such notice shall contain, but is not limited to, a written list of the audit findings with a summary explanation of why any cost is deemed non-allowable.

(6) In accordance with 63 Oklahoma Statute ' 1-1925.2, a long-term care facility may contest any cost adjustment(s) it disagrees with by requesting reconsideration of the cost adjustment(s), and/or by requesting an administrative appeal of the cost adjustment(s), pursuant to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:30-5-132.1and OAC 317:2-1-17, respectively.

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