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Library: Policy

317:30-5-95.31. Prior authorization and extension procedures for children

Revised 9-14-20

(a) Prior authorization for inpatient psychiatric services for members must be requested from the OHCA or its designated agent.The OHCA or its designated agent will evaluate and render a decision within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the request. A prior authorization will be issued by the OHCA or its designated agent, if the member meets medical necessity criteria. For the safety of SoonerCare members, additional approval from OHCA, or its designated agent, is required for placement on specialty units or in special population programs or for members with special needs such as very low intellectual functioning.

(b) Extension requests (psychiatric) must be made through OHCA or its designated agent. All requests are made prior to the expiration of the approved extension. Requests for the continued stay of a member who has been in an Acute psychiatric program for a period of fifteen (15) days and an Acute II or PRTF program for three (3) months will require a review of all treatment documentation completed by the OHCA, or its designated agent, to determine the efficiency of treatment.

(c) Providers seeking prior authorization will follow OHCA's, or its designated agent's, prior authorization process guidelines for submitting behavioral health case management requests on behalf of the SoonerCare member.

(d) In the event a member disagrees with the decision by OHCA, or its designated agent, the member may request an evidentiary hearing under OAC 317:2-1-2(b). The member's request for such an appeal must be received within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the notice of the initial decision.

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