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Library: Policy

317:30-5-327.7. SoonerRide provider network

Issued 6-25-07

(a) The SoonerRide broker will maintain an adequate number of appropriate network providers to provide non-emergency, non-ambulance transportation services for eligible members.

(b) If a nursing facility has the capability to provide non-emergency, non-ambulance transportation, the SoonerRide broker may contract with the nursing facility as a NET network provider.  The nursing facility must meet the same standards as any other SoonerRide contracted provider for vehicle and driver licensing, safety, training, liability, and ADA regulations.  Additionally, when a nursing facility is contracted as a NET provider, the nursing facility cannot limit transportation services to members of a specific nursing facility, but must have the same availability as any other contracted network provider except for the transportation of members for dialysis services.

(c) SoonerRide may contract with other transportation providers solely for the non-emergency, non-ambulance transportation of members for dialysis services.

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