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317:30-5-316. Reimbursement methodology

Issued 9-12-22

        SoonerCare shall provide reimbursement for ABA services in accordance with the Medicaid State Plan.

(1) Payment shall only be made to SoonerCare-contracted groups or qualified individual providers who are currently licensed and in good standing. Payment is not made to under supervision ABA practitioners/paraprofessionals, including but not limited to, BCaBAs and RBTs.

(2) Reimbursement for ABA services is only made on a fee-for-services basis. The maximum allowable fee for a unit of service has been determined by OHCA to be a reasonable fee, consistent with efficiency, economy, and quality of care. Payment for covered services is the lower of the provider's actual billed charges, consistent with the provider's usual and customary charge to the general public for the service, or the maximum allowable per unit of service.

(3) Reimbursement shall only be made for services that have been prior authorized by OHCA or its designee; and performed on an individualized basis and not in a group setting except for family adaptive behavior treatment guidance by a qualified ABA provider (OAC 317:30-5-311).

(4) Providers may only concurrently bill current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes when they outline in the prior authorization the following criteria:

(A) The BCBA or licensed psychologist met with the member and/or parent or guardian and directed the RBT through one (1) or more of the following:

(i) Monitoring treatment integrity to ensure satisfactory implementation of treatment protocols;

(ii) Directing RBT staff and/or caregivers in the implementation of new or revised treatment protocols;

(iii) Selection and development of treatment goals, protocols, and data collection systems;

(iv) Collaboration with family members and other stakeholders;

(v) Creating materials, gathering materials;

(vi) Reviewing data to make adjustments to treatment protocols; and/or

(vii) Development and oversight of transition and discharge planning.

(B) The BCBA or licensed psychologist used behavior training in session as appropriate in supervision of the RBT staff and/or caregivers. Behavioral skills training consists of providing instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback between provider and member.

(5) Reimbursement for ABA services shall not be made to or for services rendered by a parent, legal guardian, or other legally responsible person.

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