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Library: Policy

317:30-5-1205. Community transition services

Issued 12-1-08

(a) Community transition services are one-time set-up expenses for members who transition from a nursing facility or public ICF/MR to a home in the community.

(b) Each member who transitions into the community is eligible for up to $2,400 per person for the purchase of essential goods and/or services authorized by a transition coordinator on the member's behalf.

(c) Community transition services must be reasonable and necessary as determined through the transition plan development process and must be clearly identified in the plan.

(d) Allowable expenses for community transition services include, but are not limited to:

  • (1) security deposits that are required to obtain a lease on a qualified residence;

  • (2) essential household items required for occupation and use in a community residence such as furniture, window coverings, food preparation and bed/bath linens;

  • (3) connection, set-up fees or deposits for utility service or access including telephone, electricity, heating and water;

  • (4) services necessary for the member's health, safety and welfare such as pest eradication and one-time cleaning prior to occupancy;

  • (5) moving expenses;

  • (6) fees to obtain a copy of birth certificate, identification card or driver's license; and

  • (7) delivery, set-up costs and removal fees for appliances, furniture, etc.

(e) Non-allowable expenses for community transition services include, but are not limited to:

  • (1) monthly rental or mortgage expenses;

  • (2) monthly utility charges;

  • (3) household items that are purely for recreational purposes; and

  • (4) services or items that are available through other Living Choice services such as homemaker services, environmental modifications and adaptations, or specialized supplies and equipment.

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