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Library: Policy

3172-3-4. Member grievances

Revised 9-12-22

(a) Filing.

(1) Filing with managed care entity. Except as described in this section, when the member is enrolled in a managed care program, the member initially files a grievance with the managed care entity in which the member is enrolled.

(2) Exception: Filing with OHCA. When the member is enrolled in a managed care program and the grievance deals with direct interaction with OHCA or its employees or officers, the member first files the grievance with OHCA as an administrative appeal pursuant to applicable rules set forth at Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:2-1-2 et seq.

(b) Timing. A member may file a grievance, orally or in writing, at any time.

(c) Provider's and authorized representative's right to file a grievance. A provider or an authorized representative may file a grievance on behalf of a member, provided that the provider or authorized representative has obtained the member's written consent to do so. The authorized representative of a deceased member's estate may also be a party to the litigation of a grievance, as applicable.

(d) Clinical expertise in a grievance decision. When a grievance involves clinical issues or is related to a denial of an expedited resolution of an appeal, the decision maker(s) of such a grievance will have clinical expertise as discussed at OAC 317:2-3-6.

(e) Consideration of information in an appeal decision. The decision maker(s) for any appeal will take into account all comments, documents, records, and other information submitted without regard to whether such information was submitted or considered in the initial determination.

(f) OHCA-established timeframes for grievance decisions. A grievance related in any way to the member's health condition will be resolved, with notice provided, as expeditiously as the member's health condition requires.

(1) Per 42 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) ' 438.408, the standard resolution of a grievance will occur within ninety (90) calendar days after the managed care entity receives the grievance.

(2) OHCA sets the standard resolution of a grievance to occur within sixty (60) calendar days, inclusive of any extensions, after the MCE receives the grievance.

(3) The MCE may extend the timeframe in (f)(2) up to fourteen (14) days if:

(A) The member requests the extension; or

(B) The MCE shows (to the OHCA's satisfaction upon OHCA's request) that there is need for additional information and how the delay is in the member's interest.

(4) If the MCE extends the timeframes not at the request of the member, it must complete all of the following:

(A) Make reasonable efforts to give the member prompt oral notice of the delay; and

(B) Within two (2) calendar days give the member written notice of the reason for the decision to extend the timeframe and inform the enrollee of the right to file a grievance if he or she disagrees with that decision; and

(5) The MCE will adhere to all OHCA rules related to grievances, including but not limited to:

(A) Observing the timeframe for standard resolution of a grievance;

(B) Sending acknowledgement of receiving the grievance in writing to the member or the member's authorized representative within ten (10) calendar days of receipt; and

(C) Sending written notice conforming with this subchapter to the affected parties within three (3) calendar days following resolution of the grievance.

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