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Work Registration Obligations

If the client cannot verify a Work Registration exemption at certification or certification renewal and does not have "good cause," then the client must register for work, or you must email the SNAP unit to  disqualify the non-exempt client from the SNAP benefit. 

To comply with Work Registration, the client must

Example 1:

The police arrested Tim, aged 45, for driving under the influence.  His incarceration ended last Wednesday.  The conditions of his release require him to participate in Drug Court.  He reports he is required to participate in AA meetings as a part of his Drug Court obligations.  Is he exempt from the Work Registration rules? 

Possibly.  Tim has to provide verification his participation in AA meetings is required under a treatment plan and he is regularly participating.

Example 2:

Brandon, aged 17, recently began living with his uncle.  Brandon previously lived with his parents, but they kicked him out because he refused to follow their rules.  His uncle allows Brandon to stay with him while he finds another place to stay.  His uncle told him that he can use the facilities (shower, laundry, bathroom, electricity, etc.), but he cannot provide any other support.  His uncle explains, "I just cannot be responsible for Brandon."  Brandon had stopped attending school prior to leaving his parents household and does not work.  Brandon applied for SNAP benefits.  Does he have to comply with Work Registration?

Yes. Brandon is 17. You must consider Brandon as separate from his uncle's household since his uncle is not exercising responsibility for him and is not providing anything besides access to the facilities. The homelessness exemption does not apply to Work Registration. He cannot be medically exempt due to homelessness. As a 17 year old head of household, Brandon must comply with Work Registration.

Example 3:

Sasha, aged 25, took a pregnancy test.  The test determined that she is pregnant with her first child.  Sasha currently lives alone and is in good health.  She brought the pregnancy test to the county office.  She reports no other exemptions.  Does Sasha have to register?

Yes.  Work Registration Policy does not include a stand-alone exemption for pregnancy.  Work Registration Policy offers the Physically or Mentally Incapacitated exemption.  Unless you can visually confirm the client will have difficulty working, you must obtain medical documentation showing her pregnancy inhibits her ability to work in order to exempt her due to her pregnancy. 

Example 4:

Beverly, aged 54, lives with her grandson Ethan, aged 14.  Beverly works at the local grocery store 20 hours per week for the federal minimum wage.  Beverly reports no other information relevant to her Work Registration status.  She has applied for SNAP.  Does anyone have to register for work?

Yes.   Beverly must register for work since she does not meet a Work Registration exemption.  Her weekly hours are 20 per week not 30 per week, and her earnings (20 hours per week*7.25 federal minimum wage=145 weekly gross earnings *4.3 weekly conversion factor from Policy=623.50 monthly gross earnings) are insufficient to meet the minimum wage times 30 standard.  Beverly must agree to register for work, or you must email the SNAP unit to disqualify her.  Policy allows Ethan the age exemption.

Example 5: 

Mark, aged 25, and Cynthia, aged 27, live with their daughter Reagan, aged 3.  They have recently moved to Oklahoma and do not have jobs.  While both Mark and Cynthia look for jobs, Mark has primarily cared for Reagan.  Who will be exempt?  What exemptions can this household use?

Reagan qualifies as age exempt, and Mark meets the definition of a caretaker for a child under six.  The household reports he primarily cares for Reagan.  Cynthia must comply with Work Registration.

Help!!!  The household's circumstances changed during the certification period.  What happens when the client loses their exemption???  What am I supposed to do???  You can see the Work Registration Status Changes section of this Handbook or consult Quest.  What if the client fails or refuses to meet their Work Registration obligations during the certification???  You find this information in the Handbook
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