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The "Voluntary Quit" or "Reduction of Work Effort" Disqualification

The "Voluntary Quit" or "Reduction of Work Effort" disqualification is coded in FACS. 


When you determine a household member "voluntarily quit" a job or "reduced his or her work hours" without good cause, send the SNAP unit an email to receive approval, and disqualify the person for 90 calendar days on initial applications and 3 months for ongoing eligibility.  This disqualification will follow the disqualified household member to any new household the member joins.  When there are other people in the household, attempt to certify or maintain the eligibility of the rest of the household.

To code a person for a "Voluntary Quit" or "Reduction of Work Effort" Disqualification, follow the steps below.

From an open case:

1.            Navigate to the Household tab in the Interview Notebook.

2.            Use the scroll bar on the right to navigate to the person you need to disqualify.

3.            Choose "Food Benefits" (code S) from the Benefit (F24) drop down options if it has not already been added.

4.            Choose "INCOME/RESOURCES ARE CONSIDERED IN THE BENEFIT COMPUTATION-INDIVIDUAL NOT INCLUDED" (code O) from the Status (F25) drop down options.

5.            Choose "VOLUNTARY QUIT EMPLOYMENT WITHOUT GOOD CAUSE" (code 9D) from the Reason (F26) drop down.

6.            Update the Effect Date (F27) to the application date or the effective date that allows the client appropriate notice.  

7.            Submit a change, denial, or certification as appropriate to your situation.

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