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"Voluntary Quit" and "Reduction of Work Effort"

"Voluntary Quit" and the "Reduction of Work Effort" can occur when clients stop working or start working less.  You must show that the client worked more than 30 hours per week or earned wages equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage times 30 before they stopped working or started working less.  If the client always earned less than $935.25 per month or worked fewer than 30 hours per week, you will not worry about these provisions for that client.  This provision applies to any jobs terminated or work reduced while receiving SNAP and 60 days prior to the client's initial application.

Does not Apply

Policy does not apply "Voluntary Quit" or the "Reduction of work effort" to self-employment jobs or jobs the client resigns at the demand of the employer.  Policy also does not apply these provisions if the client reduces their work effort but the client continues to earn more than the federal minimum wage times 30 or meets a work registration exemption. 

Must Consider

When considering whether a client has "Voluntarily Quit" or "Reduced their Work Effort," you must examine how representative the pay is (temporary reductions should not be considered), whether the client is exempt from Work Registration, and whether the client has "good cause."


Labor law prevents federal, state, or local government employee from going on strike against their employer.  Policy considers federal, state, and local employees who go on strike and lose their job as having voluntarily quit their jobs.


Gloria, aged 56, was working at retail store 33 hours per week at $8.00 per hour.  She currently receives SNAP benefits based on this income.  Working at the retail store has forced Gloria to miss the weekly game night with the girls.  Gloria has decided to work fewer hours so that she can attend game night.  Gloria now works 28 hours per week at the retail store.  Will you penalize Gloria for reducing her work effort?

No.  Gloria reduced the number of hours she works, but her earnings still equal at least 30 hours per week times the federal minimum wage ($7.25 current federal minimum wage * 30 hours per week = $217.50 weekly gross earnings * 4.3 weekly conversion factor from Policy = $935.25 monthly gross earnings).  Gloria currently earns $963.20 (28 hours per week*$8.00 rate of pay=$224.00*4.3=$963.20).  Gloria, as result, remains exempt from Work Registration.

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