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The Meaning of "Suitable Work" in Work Registration Requirements

When registered for work, a person must accept a bona fide offer of "suitable" employment.  If a client declines a job offer, determine whether the employment was suitable. 

"Suitable" means the job ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ pays at least the federal minimum wage or, when the employer is not required to pay minimum wage, at least 80 percent of the federal minimum wage.
offers a registrant doing piece-rate work the reasonable expectation that the average hourly wage will equal or exceed the federal minimum wage.
is not at jobsite that is subject to a legal strike or lockout at the time of the offer.
offers a position in the registrant's major field of experience during the client's first 30 days as a registrant. Outside of 30 days, the client must accept a job outside of their major field of experience if offered.
does not require joining, resigning, or refraining from joining any legitimate labor organization.
does not pose any unreasonable health and safety risks.
does not require work that is beyond the physical and mental capabilities of the registrant.
does not conflict with the registrant's religious observations, convictions, or beliefs.
does not require unreasonable travel expenses or time in light of the expected earnings and daily commute (any commute over 2 hours is automatically unsuitable).

If you suspect a client declined "suitable" employment without "good cause," email the SNAP unit for further instruction.They disqualify the client.

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