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The Meaning of "Good Cause" in Work Registration Requirements

A person has "good cause" for failing or refusing to comply with Work Registration requirements when circumstances beyond their control prevent compliance. 

You must consider all facts and circumstances available to you, including information from the work registrant and the employer, in determining if good cause exists. 

You must determine the client has "good cause" when they fail to meet a Work Registration obligation due to

  • the registrant's illness,
  • a household member's illness that requires the registrant's care,
  • a household emergency,
  • a lack of transportation, or
  • the absence of adequate child care for children 6 through 11 years of age.

But, you should not limit good cause determinations to these categories.  Good cause applies to any circumstances that show the client did not exercise control over the situation. 

If you suspect the client "failed to comply" with work registration without "good cause," email the SNAP unit for further instruction. They disqualify the client 

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