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The "Failure to Comply" Disqualification

The length of time a work registrant is disqualified depends on how many violations the client has earned for "failing to comply" in the past.

Failure to comply & disqualification

Number of Disqualifications earned Disqualification period
1 1 month
2 3 months
3 or more 6 months

To disqualify a person, document in FACS case notes how the work registrant failed to comply and why good cause does not exist; then send an email to the SNAP mailbox,  They will disqualify the person from the SNAP benefit for the appropriate disqualification period. 

The disqualification ends after the client serves their disqualification period or provides documentation that they are now exempt

When the disqualification period ends before the next mid-certification or certification renewal is due, the client must notify you to add them back to the SNAP benefit.  There is not an automatic mechanism to add them to the SNAP benefit.

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