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Work Registration

Work Registration is a federally mandated work requirement for those receiving SNAP. 

Every household member must register for work unless they meet a Work Registration exemption.  The client elects whether to participate with Work Registration when they submit an SNAP application.  Online, the client makes this election by clicking that they agree to the Rights and Responsibilities, and for paper applications, the client chooses whether to opt out of Work Registration.  The client opts out by marking "No" on the Responsibilities and Signature for Benefits or the FSS-1-B (Form 08MP003E).  The client must also confirm their election verbally with the worker during the interview.

If any non-exempt household member opts out, email the SNAP unit to disqualify that individual. 

You must explain this choice to each applicant, determine which household members are not exemptand must register, and explain the work registrant's responsibilities at each application and certification renewal interview.

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