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What you must do for OK SNAP Works?

Clients may begin participating at any time they are

  • receiving SNAP,

  • not receiving TANF,

  • over 16 years of age, and

  • capable and available to begin participation immediately.

It is particularly important that you address it at the SNAP interview, but those already receiving SNAP may participate. Explain the program to all SNAP recipients and enable their participation.

Educate and Ask

Non-Exempt ABAWDs: OK SNAP Works provides clients an option to meet the ABAWD work rule, so explain this possibility to all non-exempt ABAWDs. Also explain they will receive a referral to the program. The goal is to encourage all non-exempt ABAWDs to participate, but their participation remains voluntary.

Everyone Else: even if a client is meets the ABAWD work rule or is exempt, the program might allow the clients to improve their situation. Nobody has to participate, but everyone who might benefit from this program must receive the option to participate. You must inform those meeting an ABAWD exemption or meeting the work rule about the potential benefits of OK SNAP Works.

Register the Client for OK SNAP Works

In Oklahoma or Tulsa County, use the SNAP Employment and Training Referral to communicate a client’s interest in OK SNAP Works. This referral is available through Quest.

After opening the referral, answer all the questions, and click the “Submit Form” button. The answers supplied help determine the best provider for the client.

It is important to accurately record the person making the referral and the referral location. The questions asked will update based on who is making the referral. For AFS workers, choose the “DHS staff” option.

When you hit “Submit Form,” the entered information attaches to an email. Send this email to complete the referral process.

Tracking ABAWD

When a person meets the ABAWD work requirement through OK SNAP Works, you must check his or her continued participation at every ACTION.

  1. When possible, ask the participant if he or she continues to participate;

  2. Contact for verification;

  3. Review and, if necessary, update the SNAP benefit. You must perform an ABAWD lookback to ensure a person receives the correct amount of SNAP benefits.
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