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Educational Services

Educational Services offers clients who do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent, lack literacy or life skills, or struggle with English help to improve their employability. The service provider will enroll those participants who lack a high school diploma or its equivalent in a program geared toward obtaining it. The provider will also enroll those who struggle with English or lack literacy in ESL or ABE classes. The provider gives instruction relating to life skills and additional instruction as necessary. The life skills include financial literacy, communication skills, goal setting, problem solving, persistence and flexibility, sustained focus, and emotional control.

Suggestion: When speaking to a client who struggles with literacy or who lacks a high school diploma, you might mention that studies have shown a positive relationship between a person's educational level and their English proficiency to their earnings. This means as a person increases their education level or gains English proficiency their earnings will generally increase. Increases in educational level and English proficiency also decrease the likelihood of a person becoming unemployed. ​
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