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ABAWD Work Requirement

An SNAP applicant or recipient meets the ABAWD work requirements when he or she:

  • works continuously 20 hours or more per week when averaged monthly;
  • participates and complies with the Workforce Innovation and OpportunityAct (WIOA), Trade Adjustment Assistance Program, or OK SNAP Works for 20 hours or more per week when averaged monthly; or
  • completes enough work and work program participation to total 20 hours or more per week when combined and averaged monthly.
    • For example, a person working 10 hours per week and participating in a work program 10 hours per week meets the ABAWD work requirements.

A SNAP applicant or recipient who normally meets the work requirements can show "good cause" for temporarily failing to meet the work requirements.  Determine if a "good cause" reason explains any drop in the number of hours worked for these clients.

If the SNAP applicant or recipient does not meet an ABAWD exemption or the work requirements, then the client receives only their "K months."  The client may regain eligibility, but if the client exhausts their "K months" and fails to meet the regain eligibility criteria, you must deny or close their SNAP benefit.

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