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Medically qualified source

The best verification is a statement from a medical professional showing the client's inability to work.  You can also use verification that shows a medical diagnosis or prognosis that shows the household member has a physical or mental condition that limits the member's ability to work.  For example, you might use hospital discharge paperwork.

Note: The verification does not have to indicate the client cannot work.  It must indicate the client's ability to work is affected.  

The following people are some examples of medical professionals (this is not an exclusive list):

  • a licensed or certified psychologist, therapist, counselor, or social worker;
  • a physician, physician's assistant, or chiropractor;
  • a nurse or nurse practitioner; or
  • a designated representative of the physician's office. 

When a client's inability to work is temporary, inform the client they must meet the work requirements or another exemption following being cleared to work.

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