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ABAWD Exemptions​

Whether clients can establish an ABAWD exemption determines if they must meet the ABAWD work requirements.  Exempt clients can receive SNAP benefits without ABAWD restrictions.  When interviewing a client, reviewing a mid-certification review, or making changes to a SNAP case, evaluate each household member's ABAWD exemption status. 

The ABAWD exemptions overlap the Work Registration exemptions.  The ABAWD exemptions cover all of the Work Registration exemptions and contain a few exemptions not allowable under Work Registration.  To effectively screen for both, screen the household for the Work Registration exemptions and then the unique ABAWD exemptions. 

***Updates to FACS and IMS will change the ABAWD exemption coding to an "E" for all ABAWD exemptions that correspond to a Work Registration exemption.*** 

You must exempt household members from ABAWD work requirements when the household member

Household Member Characteristic FACS Coding Option IMS Code
Work Registration Exemptions ​meets a Work Registration exemption. ​EXEMPT FROM WORK REGISTRATION E​
Unique ABAWD Exemptions ​ ​ ​ is younger than 18 or older than 49 years of age. AGE EXEMPTION – YOUNGER THAN 18 OR 50 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER 1
receives permanent or temporary disability benefits from government or private sources. provides verification from a medically-qualified source that indicates the household member has a medical condition that limits the member's ability to work.  displays physical or mental characteristics the worker can see that indicate that the client is obviously physically or mentally unfit for employment. reports chronic homelessness has made them unfit for employment. MEDICAL/HOMELESS EXEMPTION – CERTIFIED PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY UNFIT FOR WORK OR IS HOMELESS  2
is currently pregnant. PREGNANCY EXEMPTION 4
is a parent or adult residing with a SNAP household member under the age of 18. CHILDREN IN HOUSEHOLD EXEMPTION – LIVING IN A HOUSEHOLD WITH MINOR CHILDREN C
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