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Countable Months Received in Another State

SNAP applicants or recipients who lived in another state in the last year must verify that there are no active SNAP benefits and any "initial countable ABAWD months" or "K months" received in the last year.  The "initial countable ABAWD months" or "K months" only count in Oklahoma when the individual's 36 month ABAWD clock should start or already started in Oklahoma before the client received the "initial countable ABAWD months" or "K months" in the other state.

Note: Although we refer to the "initial countable ABAWD months" as "K Months," other states do not use this terminology.  You can eliminate any confusion by referring to these months as "initial countable ABAWD months" when communicating with other states.

You can obtain verification from other states using the National Directory or Out-of-State Inquiry found on the InfoNet. Since this an internal document, we cannot provide a hyperlink here.  The navigation instructions are below: 

From the InfoNet Home Page, select Job Functions; then Adult& Family Services; then scroll down to the Eligibility Tools section of this page, select the Out of State Inquiry link.

You can also use the Out-Of-State Inquiry Form (08AD080E or ADM 80) when seeking verification from other states.  FACS allows you to generate this form with the case information prepopulated.   

If you verify the client received a "K month" or a "Y month" in another state, then record this finding using the IMS ABWO transaction.

Example 1: 

Daisy moves from Texas to Oklahoma.  She applies for SNAP benefits in Oklahoma on 4/14/2017.  Daisy received food benefits in Texas in April, and it was her third countable ABAWD month.  What months must you count toward Daisy's "K months"?

April counts as a "K month" in Oklahoma.  The other two months do not count since the ABAWD clock does not start prior to the client applying for SNAP benefits in Oklahoma.  She can receive 2 more "K months" in Oklahoma.

Example 2:

Fletcher receives 2 "K months" in Oklahoma in April and May of 2017 and then moved to Arkansas.  He receives 3 "K months" in June, July, and August 2017 in Arkansas.  He moves back to Oklahoma in December 2017.  Is he eligible for any additional "K months"?

No.  Because his ABAWD clock started April 2017 in Oklahoma, the "K months" he received in Arkansas count in Oklahoma.  He is not eligible to receive any more K months until April 2020. 

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