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Collateral Contacts

You may need to verify information that has no documented evidence or a hardship makes it difficult to obtain physical evidence.  The client's signature on the application gives you the authority to secure all verification, including collateral statements.

Collateral contacts are verbal confirmations of a household's circumstances by a person outside of the household.  It can be made over the phone or in person.  This can be anyone who can be expected to provide an accurate account of the household's circumstance.

Examples include:

  • Employers or Previous Employers
  • Employee Associations
  • Union Representatives
  • Grievance Committees or Organizations
  • Community Action Groups
  • Migrant Service Agencies
  • Neighbors
  • Etc.

If a collateral contact needs a written authorization, you can have the client sign this Release of Information form (Legacy: ADM-60, Form: 08AD060E*).  If this is unavailable, the last page of the Application for Benefits (Legacy: PS-1, Form:08MP001E) shows that you have the authority to obtain information. Some contacts will take this in lieu of a formal form.

*Form currently unavailable on the Internet, Internal only. 

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