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Client Contact and Information Request (ADM-92)

When a household is required to provide verification, send a Client Contact and Information Request (Legacy: ADM-92, Form: 08AD092E) from the Infonet or from FACS.  You must allow the client at least 10 calendar days to provide all necessary verification. 

Note - If the 10th day falls on a day that the office is closed, you should move the date to the following open date.

When you give a client an ADM-92, you should personalize the form for that client.  The form contains the ability to ask for several different types of verification, including an "other" section to write in information.  Only check what the client needs to provide and nothing more.  If you check more than what is needed and the case is audited for quality control, the case would be considered incorrect. 

If a client fails to provide all or part of the verification that you requested on time, you do not need to send a new request form.  If you would prefer, you can resend an ADM-92 with the missing verification circled or highlighted as long as there is a reasonable amount of time for the client to respond.

If a mistake is made and something is not requested correctly, the client must be sent another ADM-92 with a new 10 day window to provide the verification.  The client cannot be penalized for not being asked in writing to provide verification and cases will need to be opened back to the date of application, even if verification comes late, if it is in the 10 day window on the ADM-92.  So, please be careful when sending a request for verification to ensure minimal mistakes and more immediate service for our clients.

If a client contacts you (either by phone or visiting the office), verbally advise the client on what is still needed.  Let them know about their 30 day deadline and how to get verification to you fastest.  The agency has become more reliant than ever before on telephone contact via the Support Centers.  Because of this, you may not be the only person in contact with your clients.  It is extremely important that you also keep this information updated in FACS case notes.  Workers in support centers can also relay verification messages to clients if it is clear in case notes.  Otherwise, the client will have to contact you as well, making the process more difficult for yourself, and more importantly, the client. 

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