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​Case Notes following Client-Contact

Customer service and good documentation are keys to providing a seamless experience for clients.  When time permits, it is advisable that you call clients to update them on verification still needed and on timeframes.  Any time that you call, you should update whether you spoke with the client, left a message, or had an incorrect number.  This way, if the client calls back, you or another worker can relay information or get a better phone number.   

When making a note in FACS case notes about client contact (face-to-face, written, or verbal) – include the following:

  • Date of contact
  • Method of contact (example: telephone or email)
  • The name of the person contacted
  • Whether you or the client initiated contact
  • Any information provided by the client regarding eligibility
  • What you advised the client about verification missing (if applicable)
  • Whether you resent an ADM-92 (Legacy, Form: 08AD092E) or provided a new form requesting additional verification
  • Any other information you gave the client regarding the application process or timeframes
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