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Countable Resources

Unless specifically excluded, a resource counts towards the household's eligibility.

Resource Value

We use the value of the household's resources on the day you interview the household. SNAP generally requires us to use the equity value of any nonliquid countable resource. The equity value is the fair market value less encumbrances.

Licensed Vehicle Exception

The exception is the value of vehicles. You must value each vehicle owned by the household. This includes boats that do not serve as home property.

Is the vehicle licensed?

You must determine if the vehicle is licensed or unlicensed.

Licensed vehicles

For licensed vehicles, first determine if the vehicle is an excluded resource. When not excluded, you must calculate the vehicle's value using both its countable fair market and equity value. Note: the equity value test has exclusions that eliminate this value. Use the greater value as the vehicle's value.

Unlicensed vehicles

Unlicensed vehicles do not qualify as an excluded resource. Use the equity value but not the fair market value for these vehicles. As mentioned above, the equity value has exclusions.

Jointly Owned Resources

Federal rules consider resources owned by separate households as available to each household. You must count the resource for each household unless the household proves the resource is inaccessible. When the household can access only a portion of the resource, the portion the household has access to is countable.

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