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Households who Dispute the Amount of Lost Benefits

You may determine that a household is entitled to a restoration of benefits but the client does not agree with the amount to be returned to the card, they may request a fair hearing.

Fair hearing prior to or during the time benefits are being restored

If a fair hearing is requested before or during the time benefits are being restored, you restore the lost benefits as you see fit prior to the results of the fair hearing. The household will then receive those benefits on their EBT card pending the review.

If the hearing agrees with the client, you will restore the benefits decided by the hearing. This procedure may mean that you did not restore enough benefits earlier and must restore an additional amount.

When DHS staff disagrees about a need to restore benefits

If a client asks you to restore lost benefits and you don't agree, the household has 90 days from your decision to request a fair hearing. You only restore benefits to the household only if the fair hearing decision agrees with the client.

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