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Emergency Food Benefit Assistance in Disasters Declared by FNS

DHS is responsible for operating a Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP).

When FNS declares that emergency food benefit assistance will be available, the AFS SNAP section notifies the affected counties and issues policy and procedures for this program.

These rules determine the maximum income limits, benefit allotments, and application procedures. The maximum income limits and benefit allotments are in the Appendix C-3-A. Emergency benefit amounts are the maximum monthly food benefit allotment for the household size.

DSNAP benefits are a more temporary food assistance program. Recipients must use the disaster benefits within 90 calendar days of the certification. SNAP will expunge any benefits not used in this timeframe. Inform clients of this when explaining the program and the rights and responsibilities.

​Note: ​The county director or their designee must approve applications from DHS employees for DSNAP.
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