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Destroyed Food Purchased with Benefits

Replace the value of food purchased with SNAP benefits destroyed in a household misfortune (a fire, tornado, or flood, for example).

In order to qualify, certain rules must be followed:

  • The loss must be reported within 10 calendar days of the loss and must be verified by DHS.
  • The amount replaced can't be more than a monthly allotment – meaning that if the disaster destroys a freezer of stored food, the amount of benefits restored could only be the monthly allotment.
  • Food losses due to power outages or an appliance malfunction – unless caused by another household misfortune – do not qualify for a SNAP replacement.

Households must complete form, Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food, before you can issue the replacement.  The form must be received no more than 10 days following the loss.  If your office is closed on the client's 10th day, the client should provide the form on the next business day.  You have a responsibility to issue the replacement within 10 calendar days of the loss or within 2 business days of receiving the completed form – whichever is later. 

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