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Scheduling Interviews

You should schedule the interview as soon as possible after the client files the application.  The entire process should be completed so that the client is able to receive benefits within 30 days if eligible (7 days if expedited).  If you did not interview the client same day and need to get back in touch with the client, you will mail an interview notice to the client.  Keep in mind that the time waiting for the mail to get to the client counts in your 30 day processing time, so it is best practice to schedule the interview as immediately as possible to minimize wait times.  Be sure to give sufficient mail delivery time as a courtesy to the client. 

There are two different forms used by AFS for SNAP interviews – and another for other programs.  All can be found on the Infonet or generated in FACS and have separate, but equally important, uses.

The first is entitled Interview Notice*and should be used by local offices (HSCs) to schedule interviews.  These forms allow for telephone or in person interviews and encourage clients to mail verification to the local office. 

The second is the Telephone Interview Notice* and only provides a telephone option.  This should only be used by support center staff as it offers the support center number and address for verification.  Even though this form is entitled Telephone Interview Notice, it should only be used by support center staff. HSC staff interested in performing a telephone interview can and should still use the Interview Notice form.

Both of these forms allow interviews to be scheduled but do not allow verification to be obtained at the same time.  For SNAP, prior to the interview, you may anticipate what may be needed; however, it is the objective of the interview to determine what verification is needed.  At that time, you may use an ADM-92 (Name: Client Contact and Information Request, Form: 08AD092E)to request the information discussed at the interview. To learn more about verification needed, click here

When scheduling for multiple programs (or for other programs than SNAP), you should use the Client Contact and Information Request form.  This form allows you to schedule an interview and request information at the same time. 

* Both interview notices are available on FACS under form generation. Most common forms will be listed here and this is a very convenient way to generate a form. 

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