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Interview Common Questions

When is an interview needed for SNAP benefits?

You need to complete an interview at the initial certification and at every certification renewal (CR) unless the interview is waived as indicated in the next question.  An interview is not needed for mid-certification renewals (MCR).  Click here for information on when certification renewals are due for each household type.

When can an interview be waived?

Interviews can be waived at certification renewal for households in which all adult members are elderly or disabled and have no earned income.  The CR must be completed on time and the client must appear to be eligible to receive food benefits.  If anything seems questionable, interview the household.

Who must be interviewed?

The person interviewed may be the head of household, their spouse, another responsible member of the household, or an authorized representative that is familiar with the household's circumstances.  The household may bring any person of their choice in addition to the interview. 

Policy on this topic is located at 340:50-3-2.

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