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You have two tools at your disposal when researching the data exchange screens before interviewing a client.  Data exchange screens will show you if a client might have a new hire (NHL), worked recent quarters (OWL), received Social Security Benefits (BEN), or SSI benefits (SSI).

Either tool will allow you to look over these and plan your questions to clients.  It is worker preference which you choose to focus on.


You can access ACES in FACS.  While you have a case open, click the tool on the top toolbar that looks like an "ace" on a deck of cards.

You can also go to the Infonet and click Job Functions - Adult and Family Services - Eligibility Tools - ACES.

ACES can do a variety of tasks for you besides checking your Case Scan Report used for interviews.  For an overview, look at this Quest link for details.


In IMS, you should begin by checking the CM screen on the case.  This screen will show you people who have been on the case previously.  The screen will also show you what current benefits that a client currently has by having a "/A" next to programs by a client's name.  If a client has open benefits, you should look at these benefits to see if it affects the SNAP benefits.  For a certification renewal, the client will probably have an S/A by their name for SNAP. 

From this point, you can look at the open benefits (such as the EC for SNAP and EE for childcare) to see if they need renewals on other benefits.  

You need to research each adult that is to be included on the case for this certification.  You should check the OWL and NHL to try and discover evidence of any earned income as recent as the last 6 months.  During the interview, you will need to address this income if it has not already been verified terminated in the case file.

You should also check for known unearned income.  On the PY screen, you should check the BEN and SDX screens for Social Security (SSA) and SSI.  Also, check all the child support cases with CP (custodial parent – potential income) and AP (absent parent – potential deduction). 

For adults that are potentially ABAWDs (adults between 18-49, no children, no disabled persons). You can type ABWI and the SSN for each adult to see if they have used their K and Y months.  It will also give you an idea of the situation previously.  You may notice that the client was meeting the work requirement or that they were previously exempt for a certain reason. 

To see ABAWD reason codes, you can go to the ABAWD section here or type (m psblf172)in IMS.  

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